About Anissa Buzhu

With a curious mind and contagious laughter (according to others, that is) Anissa’s silver lined passion is to contribute in making the world around her self-sufficient. Her aspiration is to focus on gaining an understanding of diversity and interaction – among individuals and within organisations.

She has a fascination for people’s behaviour and resilience in the context of groups and societies. Anissa lived in South Africa and this experience has enriched her with incredible awareness and a deeper interest in historical events, the role of race and identity in society, feminism and decolonisation. Click here for a blog on her experience in South Africa: its mesmerising nature captured in exquisite photos and an analysis of political activism and grassroot movements.

Out of this experience and a lot of literature she felt critically engaged and responsible to become a reformist: contributing to society and advocating for ethical stepping stones consisting of awareness, inclusivity, equality and positivism. In the meantime, she enjoys the quality that life has to offer her. Through travelling, connecting with diverse people, by encountering different cultures and traditions, she continuously feeds her soul with richness.

On a daily basis She works as a consultant at Berenschot, where she focuses on organisational design. Anissa is an absolute foodie, in love with South Africa, mountains and waterfalls, and enjoys boxing and practicing yoga.