About Shaima Buzhu

With a great sense of justice instilled within her personality, ShaKima’s ultimate goal in life is to advocate for the rights of the disadvantaged: to not only help give them a much needed voice, but also to provide a platform. As a critical thinker and pacifist, Shaima hopes to contribute to ensuring human rights and fighting discrimination, inequality and crooked power ratio’s reflected in the ever globalising world. With an indispensable good sense of humour and relaxed attitude, she approaches things lightly and open-minded – nevertheless serious and adamant in terms of her passions including international law (NB: in fabulous attire as her slogan is: to help people in style!). With this state of mind, she aims to express her thoughts throughout this blog in the form of writing and fashion. Shaima finds travelling not merely a hobby, but a necessity – acquiring knowledge while experiencing and respecting diversity of peoples and places are of fundamental value to her. Shaima loves baking (keep an eye out for delicious recipes on the lifestyle page), enjoys fitness (to prevent the consequences of baking), sports and adventure. Having lived in Los Angeles, California and travelled to beautiful countries, she left her heart and soul in Cape Town, South Africa.