About Brown, Brainy & Beautiful

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This website offers blog articles, lifestyle and travel inspiration.


Brown, Brainy & Beautiful stands for celebrating diversity with regards to identity, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, knowledge, appearance and preferences. We dream of a world consisting of fairness and equality, wherein everyone continuously grows – both personally and spiritually – and are simultaneously in service of others. This website platform takes an inclusive approach and aspires to empower, inspire and mobilize its readers and writers. That’s right, we also invite you to contribute in sharing your thoughts when you feel connected to our inclusive vision. Feel welcome to join a relevant discussion, to share your preferences and to talk about what you are passionate about.

The founding bloggers Shaima (read her bio here) and Anissa Buzhu (read her bio here) were born and raised in the Netherlands and blossomed within Dutch, Moroccan and Spanish-Andalusian cultures. They enjoy reading and studying topics in-depth, have a passion for travelling; and love fashion. Shaima and Anissa consider themselves as being experts in living life compassionately, humble and gracefully by aspiring to walk the talk. One of their missions is to eradicate ignorance by educating themselves and breaking down barriers while being caring to their self and others. Their philosophy is that life is short, beautiful and that it should flow, organically. In short, they are not your average bloggers.