The above mentioned quote is not merely  a saying, but a way of life. It serves as a reminder that there is plenty to learn beyond our comfort zones – and this will only enrich our souls.Learning by traveling expands great souls.’ African proverb

Travel introduces you to a different country, perhaps even a different continent, with its own people, culture and communities. Being subject to such differences can contribute to recognizing the diversity of human kind and this planet while at the same time learn about each other, which ultimately will bring us closer. Assuredly, through travel you also learn more about yourself. It is an essential element in self-development. You will gain and further develop essential characteristics or virtues such as independence, strength and perceptiveness.

Travel has formed us in a way that cannot be explained in words – it must be felt. And this can only be achieved once you take an actual step to make trips that are small or of considerable impact, alone or accompanied. What is certain is that you will grow as a person.


There is so much to see. Start today by initially developing the mind-set of going out there into this big beautiful world. Through BB&B Travel we will share our adventures taking on the world – and hopefully this will motivate you!