The Simple Skirt

The Simple Skirt

‘Casual’ walk through the park |

Most of the time I wear pants. To be honest, that’s purely practical because I am cold pretty much all the time. Even during summer (which is the case now), you will never spot me without having layers with me – either wearing them or keeping them in my bag, just in case. I trained myself to be prepared for four seasons in one day. So, what happens in reality: I end up wearing pants, although I love wearing skirts. So on a soft and gentle day like this, I like to wear the skirts I have in an abundance waiting for me to wear them. Oh happy ‘casual’-walk-through-the-park-day!

                    Outfit details

  • Jacket: Zara
  • Skirt: Forever21
  • Top:
  • Shoes: H&M
  • Shades: Somewhere local in Cape Town
  • Watch: H&M



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Anissa Buzhu


With a curious mind and contagious laughter (according to others, that is) Anissa’s passion is to contribute in making the world around her progress and self-sufficient. In her daily life she works as an Organization Design consultant (Berenschot), kicks some ass at boxing and loves to travel. Read more @ ''About'' section.