? S1 | Ep. 1: Intersecting curls & identities

? S1 | Ep. 1: Intersecting curls & identities

In this episode we will be talking about curls; and more importantly how it connects with different identities. This conversation is a very personal one for me, because I have been through a journey myself. It is important to note that, because I was born and bred in the Netherlands, this journey has been shaped by both the Dutch context as well as my Moroccan heritage.

I am aware of the fact that together with me there are many people in the same or similar context who are navigating through such a journey. I have been inspired by a number of people, and two in particular, who share that Dutch-Moroccan context, feature in this episode: my sister – Ilham and, what feels to me as a lifelong friend and sisterhood- Ikram.

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Anissa Buzhu


With a curious mind and contagious laughter (according to others, that is) Anissa’s passion is to contribute in making the world around her progress and self-sufficient. In her daily life she works as an Organization Design consultant (Berenschot), kicks some ass at boxing and loves to travel. Read more @ ''About'' section.