? S1 | Ep. 2: How to attain an inclusive workforce?

? S1 | Ep. 2: How to attain an inclusive workforce?

In this episode we will be talking about diversity and inclusion in the workforce. A topic that increasingly has been advocated by organisations – by means of really caring or fear of missing out and losing organisational legitimacy. You can easily get into a rabbit whole when you ask the question: HOW to attain such an inclusive workforce? And how to avoid it becoming an act of window dressing and not making space for different people?

Usually I ask the famous ‘’5 times why’’- question, but when it comes down to this topic the why is self-evident and it is the how that is the biggest challenge given all the different predictors.

It is for this reason that in this episode I am joined by expert Sophie van Gool – who is on a mission to close the gender and ethnic wage gap.

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Anissa Buzhu


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