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‘Content is king but distribution is queen and she wears the pants’

Jonathan Perelman

This blog offers a collection of articles written in a time and space of growth.
We continuously read, connect and evolve. The purpose of hosting this blog, is to gather our own thoughts, give it a space and start a dialogue with others. We are no experts. We just happen to read, attend events, research, reflect and write down what we think in that particular moment in time. Besides reading, there are many other forms of human art that we consider inspiring Рfor the brain, the heart and the soul.

With Brown, Brainy & Beautiful Blog& inter/reviews you can expect articles, interviews and reviews written by ourselves (Shaima and Anissa), but we most definitely collaborate with others by¬†letting them share what’s on their mind and what they are touched by.

For the love of books, respect towards history, interest in other people and cultures, we present to you: